Ebifananyi I

The Photographer - Deo Kyakulagira

Andrea Stultiens


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Image: Andrea Stultiens. Photo: Ben Krewinkel


Image: Andrea Stultiens. Photo: Ben Krewinkel

Ebifananyi is the title of a series of eight publications by Andrea Stultiens and co-published by Paradox and History In Progress Uganda (HIPUganda). The noun Ebifananyi is derived from the verb Kufanana, and means to be similar to. It’s the Luganda word for photographs, but also for drawings and paintings, placing emphasis on their qualities as likenesses. Each book is centred around one Ugandan photo collection, exploring its cultural context. The series present the results of engagements with photo collections by the Andrea Stultiens, the owners of the collections and (mainly) Ugandan artists, leading to in compelling stories and beautifully designed and printed books.

The first three books form a trilogy. Each book is based on the work of one Ugandan photographer. The Photographer – Deo Kyakulagira, was released in May 2014. Deo Kyakulagira (1940-2000) lived for his family and photography. He operated several studios from the early 1970s until his untimely death in 2000. He worked for the ministry of agriculture and for the department of medical illustration of Mulago Hospital. Deo Kyakulagira did not exhibit his work during his lifetime. Like many of his colleagues he was not recognised as an author for the work he did. A wonderful series of self portraits made in various dark rooms and studios shows the pride Kyakulagira took in his work and justifies his late recognition as an artist. In Ebifananyi I the reader gets to know Deo Kyakulagira through the likenesses he produced of himself, and the way he documented the world around him, partly as a father, partly as a professional photographer. Stories told by family members and others remembering Central Art Studio Ltd give an idea of the context in which Central Art Studio ltd operated and developed when Deo Kyakulagira ran it.

In 2011 Andrea Stultiens and artist Canon Griffin initiated the platform HIPUganda. They aim at digitalizing photographic material in Uganda to prevent the loss of historical collections, which are often threatened by challenging conservational circumstances. Furthermore, they aim to bring the collections to live by connecting their content to audiences. Since both founders are also image-makers and not archivists or conservators, they developed visual strategies to engage with the digitized material. These collections are dead until their content is handled by people who connect it with present day realities. The book series Ebifananyi is the first out of several projects that encourages engagement with the material that HIPUganda manages to disclose.


  • Maker(s):
  • Andrea Stultiens


Image: Andrea Stultiens. Photo: Ben Krewinkel


Image: Andrea Stultiens. Photo: Ben Krewinkel

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