My Mother’s Wing

Gabo Arora + others


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Image: Vrse.Works


My Mother’s Wing is a short, immersive film that was developed together with the United Nations. This eight-minute documentary follows the daily life of a Palestinian family in Gaza, after they lost two sons in 2014 when Israel shelled UN Relief and Works Agency school shelters. Experiencing the immersive nature of VR, seeing the ruins that families are living is quite powerful. The film is ultimately uplifting, focusing on the mother of the family pursuing peace and healing, despite the adversity of the situation and the seemingly endless cycle of violence.

  • Maker(s):
  • Gabo Arora,
  • Ari Palitz


Image: behind the scenes of the making of Mother's Wing


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  • Colophon
  • Title: My Mother’s Wing
  • Date: 2016
  • Producer:
  • Platform: iOs, Android

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