What We Do

Y_  we connect

Documentary storytelling reports about the lives of individual people or societies as a whole. But it is also made by people, individually or collectively. Looking for a subject? Looking for an author? Ydoc connects makers and subjects, stories and audiences.

Y _ we collect

Stories and platforms come and go. Often we don’t even know they exist or have ever existed. Which is particularly the case for digital productions. Ydoc is a unique hybrid between an online store and an archive with available titles. Irrespective of the publishing platform: from book to web to VR.

Y_ we explore

Ydoc is a platform exploring visual storytelling. From the craftsmanship of the printed book to the multitude of digital technology that pushes the boundaries of documentary expression. Ydoc wants to show the urgency and versatility of the image. As a language, as an engagement and as a contemporary journalistic tool.

Y_ we sell

In the media ecology of today – where free is common good – buying is an act of support, of validating and appreciating the efforts that makers put into their narratives. YdocStore brings makers and buyers together, referencing Google Play or iTunes store as easy as a (self-)publisher’s website.

Y_ we share

Ydoc is making audiences aware of existing documentary productions.  We share information on available publications (books, apps, webdocs, VR productions), exhibitions and events on our site and through our social media.